Vitak is a law office from Estonia. The Vitak team    helps people open IT and cryptocurrency businesses in the EU. The team does the registration of a company and bookkeeping, gives legal advice and even helps with the sale of a ready-made business. A team of specialists delves into every detail of the process and guarantees excellent quality of services and premium service. And the website of such a company should also be premium.

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Project tasks

Develop a website and bring it to the top position in the search results. Increase conversion and increase the influx of customers.

What have we done

We have developed the design, made the layout, launched the website and started promoting pages using contextual advertising and SEO optimization tools. We have filled the site with unique text content. Goal #1 - TOP positions for several key requests.

We have made a contrasting visual image of the website with gentle gradient transitions. The block structure and the use of graphics allowed us to divide the website into sections and increase the comfort of use.
Two language versions of the language for maximum expansion of targeted traffic and a business messenger for comfortable interaction between customers and the company. All for premium service.
Fast website loading on mobile devices and website adaptation to different resolutions. All this helps us to remove the barriers between visitors and the company and provide comfortable access for everyone. Without exception.
We have implemented the project from scratch and now we are ready to say with confidence: «We are proud of the result!». A positive review of customers about the website, metrics and flow from different traffic channels indicate that the website has not just worked. We intend to continue the cooperation with Vitak, especially if the customer is 100% satisfied with our work. If you do not believe us - then read the review of the head.
Customer review
Tatiana Kostrykina

The legal office of VITAK LLC thanks LiTrend for the professionally rendered services in developing a website for our company.

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