Quadriga is an engineering company. Its profile is design, engineering and assambling for arranging its own plot of land. Engineering nets, landscape design, fully built houses and complex assembling – every Quadriga client receives premium service and guaranteed results. The company has hundreds of completed projects and thousands of products. Here it is – an indicator of the success and demand for the company’s services.

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Project tasks

We develop a high-quality corporate website and attract the attention of visitors and highlight the company's services.

What have we done

We have created an interesting and convinient visual by applying the best practices of UI/UX design. Now the Quadriga website interface stands out from all the competitors and keeps the user on its page. We have also made a high-quality pixel perfect layout and created a convenient admin panel.

We have a convenient and beautiful interface that helps structure content and create a simple navigation for the user. We have analyzed all the top competitors and made the best solution in the niche.
Simple format, pleasant colors and functional solutions help to attract the user's attention. A spectacular layout makes the interaction unrealistically comfortable.
Cross-browser allows you to display the site perfectly both on a computer and on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Smooth animation and fast page loading is guaranteed.
For 2 months we have made a competitive website in the niche of engineering companies. To promote the page to the TOP of search engine results, we have used advertising and SEO optimization. As a result, the owners of the company noticed a significant traffic influx and an increase in the number of applications. The recognition of the company has increased and now instead of 25 targeted requests per month, the company receives more than 150 requests. This effect satisfied the customer and therefore we continued cooperation in the direction of promoting the resource.
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