ART Studio Pale’tt is a private art school in the heart of Moscow. Thi is a place where creativity begins and dreams revive. This is a place where talented teachers reveal their abilities and implant sensitivity to details. This is a place where everyone knows about quality education, where painting and emotions are born.

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ART Studio Pale'tt

Project tasks

Development of creative and memorable design. Go into a niche - loudly!

What have we done

We have thought over the navigation and developed a creative design concept. We have integrated a payment module so that each user can purchase the desired course or master class in 2 clicks. We have created a spectacular layout with content loading while scrolling. We have brought the site to the TOP of Yandex and Google search engines.

Creating a creative project is not easy. We strived to merge modern design solutions and technologies with the emotions of the target audience. Our task is to be not just a beautiful wrapper, but to remain in the memory of every user.
Everything according to the company recipe: style + cool design + spectacular layout = WOW
We have worked out every little thing in the matter of adaptation. The site navigating from a mobile device is a pleasure!
For just 3+ months, the idea has become a reality. We have worked out everything to the smallest detail: from the analysis of the target audience and product packaging to the promotion of an unknown brand at that time to the TOP of Yandex and Google search engines. The company forms a base of new-regular customers and provides people with high-quality offline and online education everyday. Pale'tt is more than knowledge. Pale'tt is emotions for life.
Customer review
Savosko Lesya Mikhailovna

We thank the LiTrend company for developing a memorable website for our art school, which fully meets all the requirements.

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