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AST-Alliance Group is a licensed customs broker in the Russian Federation. The highly qualified specialists of the company carry out a full range of customs and logistics operations. All the clients receive perfect quality of services and the highest premium service. Thanks to this approach, the company develops dynamically and occupies more and more leading positions in the sphere.

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AST-Alliance Group

Project tasks

Redesign of the site with the preservation of the corporate identity of the company. Increase sales by increasing conversions.

What have we done

We have developed an intuitive structure for each user. We have created a completely new premium level design. We have breathed life into layouts thanks to the WOW-pixel perfect layout. We have set up and launched effective contextual advertising. We have performed SEO-optimization and started active promotion. We have moved TOPs.

Developing the visual concept of the website, our team steeped in the features of the business. We have studied dozens of competitors, their strengths and weaknesses and combined the best solutions in our project.
User attention - this is where the struggle for a client begins. We breathe life into design due to active diagrams, video presentations and, of course, animations.
Thanks to a special script, pages on mobile devices are downloaded quickly, and animations work smoothly.
For 4+ months we have developed a top website in the customs and logistics sphere. An effective advertising campaign has been carried out, which has increased the quality and quantity of incoming traffic from 89 applications per month to 236, which, in its turn, has led to an increase in sales. Thank you letters were received in the field of development and advertising. At the moment, we continue active cooperation and development of the project, testing and implementing new hypotheses aimed at increasing the quality conversion.
Effective advertising campaigns
People worked on the project
Hours were spent on development
Unique users per month
Times the company's revenue of the first year was increased
The SEO specialist and the marketer are engaged in promotion
Author and editor create selling texts
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